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Digital Signage Solutions

Deliver timely, relevant, and useful branding messages. Digital signage delivers relevant, useful information in a format users find attractive and enticing. Displaying custom content that communicates your message easier and more effectively, digital signage increases visitor interaction and ultimately boosts customer retention and ROI.

Digital Signage is

With our proprietary Digital Signage Content Manager, management and control of your network is both improved and simplified – reducing the resources required to control and maintain your network. Template support, plan-based content distribution, timetables, and playlists – keep you in control of your network from wherever you are in the world, from any Internet-connected computer.

Easy to Use Interface – Navigate quickly and easily with an intuitive and friendly web-based user interface

Templates – User driven content templates make it easy to rapidly create great looking displays by simply adding your own pictures and text. Your design team can create templates using variable data fields that authorized users can later populate and preview through the Content Manager interface.

Media Management – Organize your content by file type, categories and metadata so everything is easy to find

Playlists – Create playlists using Scala scripts, messages, videos, flash, or static images

Sub-Playlists – Playlists can be added into Playlist. (For instance, you program a Master playlist all day long. That Master Playlist is actually made of multiple Playlists: Corporate news, Employee information, Product description, Special offer etc.. You can also specify the nb of media which will be played when each Sub-Playlist is called: This is in order that even your have many “Corporate News”, you only play some during each loop)

Schedules – Define and edit playlist time slots with a simple graphical view. With variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates, scheduling your content couldn’t be easier

Emergency Messages – Messages can be set to override the display at specific times or when external events occur such as emergencies

Smart Playlists – Content Manager can auto-populate playlist based on one of various conditions. For instance, a Smart Playlist can be programmed to automatically add image contents to itself without human intervention

Approvals – Approve content before media can be played. Selected users will receive an email when an approval is required

Smart Content Distribution – Content is delivered automatically with each player intelligently picking only the files that are new or have changed

Multiple Independent Frames – Easily create multiple frames within a display with each frame playing independent content

Multi-channel Support – Run two entirely separate channels from a single player, immediately reducing your hardware, OS licensing, and administration costs

Audio Control – Create audio-only channels or play background music that can be automatically ducked when video with its own audio plays

Reliable and Scalable – Easy to start small and scale up. Field-proven reliability with more networks installed than any competitor

Communicate Your Way – Both Terrestrial & Satellite (multicast) IP-based communication carriers are supported

Better Compatibility – Compatible with proxies and ACNS, and can deliver content over HTTP/HTTPS via IPv4 or IPv6 to meet most IT security requirements

Database / Backend – Choose the server and database that works best in your environment. Supported databases include Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL

Player Options – Choose the playback devices that best suit your needs, from a full-featured PC to media appliance or digital picture frame

Player Management – Group Players by criteria (geography, demographics, etc.), set playback options and select content to play

Network Monitoring – Check the status of your network with Player Health Monitoring

Maintenance Scheduling – Conduct remote maintenance tasks such as reboot, send and retrieve files or install Scala updates. Tasks can be scheduled to execute at specific times with minimal disruption to your digital signage network

Web Services – Access to underlying software “engines” for anyone who wants to develop their own customized front-end to control content delivery or access. Content Manager is not just great for custom front-ends, but it also is useful for integration into many other processes and applications

Workgroups – Manage access to content for different departments so each group only sees the messages they are supposed to

Permission-based User Roles – Users can be assigned different access rights for improved security and workflow

Publish Location – Content Manager can automatically retrieve media content from external FTP or Network Shared Folder

Conditional Playback – You have a Master Playlists that is played by all your players, all day long. Inside that Playlist, you can specify condition for each media items. (For instance. Media Item “Video A” to play only on Monday, or Media Item “Image B” to play only if Player.Location = Sydney). Those 2 last functionalities are very useful to create complex scheduling, yet in a very simple way

Player Meta-Data – You can specify meta data to your Players. (for instance Player “Store A” has Location = Sydney, and Player “Store B” has Location = Melbourne)

Time Trigger – Ask the Player to play a specific content at a specific time, with specific repeat period, in its own Frame or Full Screen

Event Trigger – Ask the Player to play a specific content based on external event. (ie ; based on weather condition, gender looking at the screen.. each solution needs to be developed)

Each Media Player comes “Scala Ready” with the relevant Scala and third-party software installed making setup easy and giving you more time to focus on creating your digital signage content. Our line up of digital signage media players support a range of applications and performance needs so you can choose the best media player for your digital signage project.

RMES media player hardware and software deliver the best digital signage platform to create, deploy, manage and grow your digital network.

Designed from the ground up to work with Scala software and deliver superior performance for its class

Optimized architecture delivers high performance throughout the entire lifetime of the media player

Robust 24×7 operation ensures you are always able to deliver your visual communications

System hardening minimizes vulnerabilities and delivers robust system security

Easy to maintain, manage and support so your digital signage network is always up to date

Compact form factor fits easily into any digital signage location

We go beyond traditional digital signage solutions. Curious about our extensive and proven capabilities? Our experts are here for you to ask questions without obligation! Through our years of worldwide experience in digital signage, we can give the best advice on the possibilities for your business. Scala has:

30 years of experience

500 partners globally

Presence in 100 countries

More than 500,000 active screens

Offering a comprehensive feature set including a drag and drop user interface, multi-user security integrated with Active Directory, broad content support and interactivity; our digital signage software package provides a universal solution for any user’s digital signage needs. Users get an easy to use digital signage system demonstrating the flexibility to customize content and features to an individual client’s needs.

Easy installation with complete involvement from all parties from beginning to end

Promotes active participation with interactivity and gives the power to the customers

Increases personalization and communication with the customers

Wayfinding – Examples include City street maps, business locations, hotel maps, conference and convention center floor plans, and local direction Wayfinding

Restaurant Menus – Digitally displays menu items and allows for easy changes and updates

Transit Arrival and Departure Live Information – Used frequently in lobbies and public spaces to alert guests of delays or changes, great for keeping guests informed and on property

Event Listings and Schedules – Very popular for increasing readership and creates active vibrant urban use

Meeting Room Signs – Shows individual meetings per room as well as local information

Area Signage – Wayfinding, event listings and very popular for paging and information alerts

Sponsorship Activation – Examples include sponsorship on location to increase sales, also to promote in-house amenities like restaurants and services – also commonly used in retail establishments for providing education on products and services. We support both traditional ooh and programmatic dooh

Enhanced Customer Experience – Examples include alerting customers of additional products, services and opportunities while they’re waiting in line or walking by

Emergency Messaging – Used for important system-wide messages such as evacuations or severe weather or traffic warnings

Building Education Directory – Popular for education on the environment and historical significance

OOH/DOOH Media Management Software

One System, All Media

Business management system for your entire company

We know Outdoor. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years working with OOH /DOOH networks from around the world to increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and streamline business practices. Our platform, Ad Manager, is neatly bundled into one system to Plan, Place and Measure campaigns for all media types, both static and digital.

More than just ad management, Ad Manager allows you to:

Gain control of your scheduling to know that the right ad is in the right place at the right time

Know your availability, no matter how complex your scheduling is

Create playlists, your way. Ad Manager’s digital tools allow you to easily manage playlists with both content and advertising while maintaining fixed playlist lengths using automated filler functionality

Manage the entire process from proposal to contract, from scheduling to fulfillment, from completion to invoicing

Powerful reporting capabilities let you create client proposals and proof of performance reports, along with business metrics

Enter data once. The system can be integrated with your existing CRM, Finance and other systems to streamline the flow of data