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RMES Kiosk

RMES - Free Phone Kiosk` attracts consumers with Free Unlimited Domestic & International Calls from RMES Airport Kiosks of International VOIP calls and TTY calling for the hearing impaired, charging ports for mobile phones, lap tops, and other hand-held devices, all while creating a digital eye-level advertising venue with trackable ROI. They also Includes real time flight data, way-finding, are interactive, has app-engagement and more.

Communicating with customers should not be a monologue but rather a dialogue of impacting messaging. RMES Kiosk is equipped with twenty-one inch digital screens managed by agnostic robust turnkey SaaS. Don’t worry, we have your visibility covered from entry to exit.

FREE domestic and up to 10 minute International VOIP calls

TTY calling for the hearing impaired

Dedicated Video & Banner Advertising Placement on main screen

Text Scroll on mane screen

Pre-call Messages

Traditional out of home media placement (10 sec and 30 sec spots available on 60 sec loop) “per kiosk”

DOOH and OOH programmatic (CPM Based) vast and v-paid tags accepted

Programmed scheduled inventory opportunities

Beacon Market Place (Close Proximity)

Opportunity for Immediate Conversions

RMES Closed Circuit Airport Publisher Broadcasting Network “Simply Air” offers premier twenty-four hour targeted popular programmed content, movies and live broadcast feeds for sports, global news, business and entertainment and many other categories.

Each one of RMES digital screens represents its own broadcasting and sponsorship network. We give brands and sponsors the opportunity to wrap there messaging around targeted content that’s more appealing to the consumers eyes, efficiently reaching your consumer through direct engagement.

The network specializes on eye-level digital communication, a medium that has achieved critical mass and global acceptance. Multiple studies, both professional and academic, rank digital media as the most effective means by which to communicate to an ever changing, technologically driven consumer.

40% of the 100,000 commuters will be stimulated with effective impressions and conversion strategies transforming the whole facility into one aggregated sponsorship touch point.

With extensive coverage of the facility, the network is communicating one complete story. From the multimodal transportation hub to the final destination the passengers are constantly experiencing a reinforced message at all stages of their commuting experience.

We partner with our clients to ensure the greatest possible success for their campaign. Whether it be monthly, seasonal or perhaps a yearly sponsorship, support needs are always met within a timely manner and requests assured.

Every sponsorship wants to know how their campaign performs in terms of reach, impact and potential call to action. Given impression and conversion based statistics, detailed feedback on all campaign elements can be achieved from real time analytics.

The RMES Free Phone offers a holistic digital sponsorship package & complete ad specifications for the RMES terminal platform.

Denver International Airport- Free Phone Ad Sponsorship

The RMES-FREE PHONE can offer its clients high impact advertising which encompasses both impression and conversion based mediums. Rather than traditional mass monologue messaging, targeted digital dialogues between clients and customers will be the emphasis of RMES advertising at Denver International Airport (DEN).

    There are 237 Free Phones with Eye level Impressions located through-out each concourse and the main terminal.

    DEN is ranked the 5th busiest airport in passenger travel in the United States.

    DEN is ranked in the top 10 busiest airports in the world.

    Having over 61 + million traveling customers annually.